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Features to Look For When Buying a Stairlift #1

It’s important that you ensure safety sensors are fitted on your stairlift. These sensors will automatically cut off power to the stairlift when they detect any obstruction on the track of your staircase until it’s removed. Contact Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts now at (888) 542-3834 Our Stannah stairlifts guarantee you maximum safety thanks to the safety sensors on the […]

Stairlift Accessories- A Grocery Carrier

Most stairlifts can be fitted with one of these. It is just a large metal basket that is attached to the stairlift. It can hold several dozen pounds of your groceries or other items and carry them safely up and down the stairs with you. Contact Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts today at (888) 542-3834 if you […]

Stair Lift Features for Seniors

You can purchase stair lifts for seniors Utah that come with certain ergonomic features, functionalities, and optional add-ons that standard stairlifts don’t. Example; Multiple charging points – Charging points are usually at the top and bottom of the stairs, where the stairlift battery is charged. Therefore, the battery will charge while the lift is parked. Feel […]

Safety is Our Top Priority

All our curved stairlifts are always fitted with safety sensors and an easy-to-use seatbelt. You can fasten the seatbelt and ride your stairlift safely knowing that it will stop gently if it comes across any obstacle on the track. Contact Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts now at (888) 542-3834 If you are looking for a Stannah stairlift […]

Hinged Rails

Hinged end-rails can rotate along the hinge back onto the rest of the rail and therefore, will not get in the way of other people. When the stairlift isn’t being used, it can be hinged this way. They are ideal for such cases. You may also opt for motorized hinged rails, but remember they’re a […]

Which is More Expensive Curved or Straight Stairlifts?

It’s more expensive to install curved stairlifts than straight ones. This is because a curved staircase requires a made-to-measure curved rail that fits exactly to the dimensions, and therefore, the installation work will involve more customization that increases the cost. Contact Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts now at (888) 542-3834 If you are looking for a Stannah […]