Mountain West Stairlifts

If you are looking for a company to help you if you are struggling with independence in your home, you should know, we have investigated the business and customer practices of Mountain West Stairlifts.  As a result, I endorse Mountain West Stairlifts as a company you can trust, and I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

Mountain West Stairlifts has a long and impressive history in their business.  Company founder, Matthew Hyde, says his father, Larry Hyde, was one of the pioneers of the stair lift business, with his first sales and service starting in 1963.  He later partnered with Stannah Stairlifts out of England, which pioneered lifts, and was founded over 140 years ago.

Today, Stannah is the largest manufacturer and installer of stairlifts in the world. In 1993 Matthew joined the family business, and over the years, they have installed thousands of Stannah stairlifts.  In fact, I contacted Stannah and spoke with the North American Director of Sales, Tom McIsaac.  He told me, “Matt and Larry Hyde have been an invaluable aide to the development of our business in the Western states. They have been superb partners and have provided our stairlift customers with the highest quality of service and support. We are proud to have them as a part of our family of dealers.”

Matthew Hyde says stairlifts help anyone having difficulty with stairs due to an accident, illness, or age, and can help keep you in your home.  Hyde tells me his customers say that life is so much easier with a stairlift, and wish they had put in one earlier. Matthew says, “Why struggle, and risk an accident if you don’t have to?”

Matthew tells me many of the employees at Mountain West Stairlifts are also investors in this business. This sharing of ownership makes them extra dedicated to making sure customers are completely satisfied, both before and after the sale.  Hyde tells me that is their primary focus.  Customers are never forgotten, even after the lift is installed.  “Our customers just love us,” he says.  “And we make sure to keep that relationship strong.”  He informed me that everyone who works at Mountain West Stairlifts is a trained professional, there to answer any questions, perform regular maintenance, and help give you peace of mind in your product.

“Our top priority is helping people stay safely in their homes”

With 15 full time employees, they can answer a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Hyde tells me his highly trained team can install a stairlift in a matter of hours with minimal mess, since the lifts are fitted to the stairs, not the walls.  They test every single installation thoroughly, and make sure you know exactly how to use it before they leave, cleaning up after themselves as they go.

So, between years of experience, products that have been tried and tested for over a century, and a strong commitment to helping keep customers safely in their homes,  you can see why I am proud to endorse Mountain West Stairlifts as Gephardt Approved.

–Bill Gephardt