Is A Stair Lift Going to Meet My Mobility Needs?

If you’re considering buying a stairlift, the first question you should ask yourself is whether a stairlift is right for you. Mobility needs can be complex, and stairlifts are not suited to everyone. But there are many types of stairlifts to meet various needs. Call now for a free no-obligation in-home evaluation with a guaranteed price in writing 888 532-3834 (Click To Call).

Stairlift Installation

A stairlift is a vital mechanical device that can benefit anyone who has mobility issues. If you desire to age in place (stay in your home), like many Americans, you will indeed see the benefits of stairlift installation near me. Call now for a free no-obligation in-home evaluation with a guaranteed price in writing 888 532-3834 (Click To Call).

Stairlift Installation Near Me

Stairlift Installation Near Me

A stairlift is a vital mechanical device that can benefit anyone who has mobility issues. If you desire to age in place (stay in your home), like many Americans, you will indeed see the benefits of stairlift installation near me. Stairlifts can be a life-changing way for elderly and disabled people to maintain their independence while living at home. They can also be helpful for those in aftercare following an injury or operation.

It can be tricky working out the full cost of stairlifts, and the variety of different options leaves many people feeling overwhelmed. If you are considering adding a stairlift to your home, we are sure you have questions, and we are happy to answer them.

Perhaps, you aren’t even sure whether your home is suitable for installing a stairlift in the first place. Then there is the issue of maintenance: for example, is a maintenance contract a good deal, or should you seek out contractors yourself? What about insurance?

In this article, we will provide answers to some crucial questions about stairlift installation as well as information and advice to help you make an informed decision.

Is A Stair Lift Going to Meet My Mobility Needs?

If you’re considering buying a stairlift, the first question you should ask yourself is whether a stairlift is right for you. Mobility needs can be complex, and stairlifts are not suited to everyone. But there are many types of stairlifts to meet various needs.

Most users of stairlifts suffer from arthritis. Many others suffer from non-arthritic joint pain. Those who tire easily, or whose knees find walking up steps to be a challenge, also find stairlifts helpful.

Probably, it is not worth getting a stairlift if your mobility issues are mild and likely to subside within a few months. This is because there are many sunk costs that cannot be recouped if you want to get rid of your stairlift.

You should also consider whether you need to use the stairs at all – for example, it might be easier to stop using a basement or attic room, rather than fitting a stairlift.

Moreover, if you need to use the stairs to get to the bathroom, fitting a toilet in a more accessible location might be a better solution overall. This all depends on the layout of your home- in some houses, a new bathroom might be a lot cheaper than installing a stairlift.

Can Stairlifts Be Fitted to Any Stairs, Even If They Are Narrow or Curved?

As a rule of thumb, you cannot have a stairlift fitted to a staircase narrower than a minimum of 75 centimeters. This is because the stairlift would obstruct the staircase, making it unsafe to use the stairlift and potentially causing a fire hazard.

As long as your stairs are wider than 75 centimeters, you can probably have stairlifts fitted. Stairlifts can be fitted to curved stairs, and they can go around bends. You can even have a stairlift fitted to a spiral staircase.

You should be aware that most of these features will increase the cost of your stairlift. A straight stairlift is often half the cost of a curved stairlift. A curved stairlift installation near me will be more expensive if your staircase has a lot of turns. Straight stairlifts are cheapest if the stairs are wide, short and not unusually steep.

Your staircase may have to be modified for a stairlift to be installed. For example, a radiator or banister may have to be modified or removed so that your stairlift doesn’t collide with it.

Different Kinds of Stairlifts On the Market

There are many different types of stairlifts for various applications and needs. Of course, there are curved stairlifts and straight stairlifts to suit almost all homes.

There are also a range of perch seats for those who struggle to stand up for long periods. A seatbelt allows the user to remain standing while safely placing much of their weight on the perch seat. Plus, some stairlifts models feature a swivel seat, meaning they won’t get in the way of a family member.

Some stairlifts come with joystick controls. These give the stairlift user the power to alter their speed with ease or stop moving using a control button.

Stairlift Costs

As mentioned earlier, stairlift costs can vary significantly depending on the type of life, staircase, and additional features. Whether the rail is curved or straight affects the price. The cost of a stairlift for a straight staircase typically ranges between $2,200-$5,000 (new or used).

The final price that you pay will depend on the length of the staircase, the model selected, and any added upgrade options, such as a folding rail or power swivel seat. Straight stairlifts are the cheapest available.

Stairlifts suited to curved staircases can cost more than double that. If you have a curved staircase or a straight staircase with an intermediate landing, the stairlift track will need to be custom-made to fit your staircase. As a result, the cost will be significantly higher.

Pricing for a curved stair lift starts at $9,500 and ranges upward from there, depending on the configuration of your staircase and upgrade options that may be added to improve comfort for the user. If your stairlift needs to go around corners, each corner can as much as double the purchase price.

Stairlifts with higher weight requirements can also cost significantly more. These special features and alterations do not affect the stairlift cost as much. But as a rule, non-standard features lead to a higher price.

How Expensive Is It to Install a Stairlift?

Stairlift installation costs can vary based on the nature of your stairlift and your staircase. Stairlift manufacturers and dealers will often do this for you, in which case the installation cost is included in the full price of the product.

If you arrange stairlift installation near me yourself, it can cost anywhere between two thousand and five thousand dollars. This is because you will have to pay for a trained engineer, which can cost a hundred dollars an hour or more. You may also need to hire an electrician, and if a radiator needs to be moved, a plumber will be required.

As with the purchase price, the cost of installing a stairlift will be greater if your staircase is curved or has a number of corners.

How Does the Installation Process Work?

First, the stairlift installation company will send a surveyor to assess your home and take accurate measurements of your staircase. They will assess and survey your stairs from top to bottom. These details will be used to figure out how much space is available, as well as which wall the rail will be attached to. Some companies charge for surveyor visits, but it is essential to ensure your safety.

Then the company will inform you of the available options. You must decide what type of stairlift you want.

When the installation date comes, a team of trained engineers will begin installing your stairlift. Installation works usually reach completion within a week. A straight stairlift takes less time to install than a curved stairlift. In many cases, a straight stairlift will be finished within a day. A curved stairlift tends to take longer.

Installation time also depends on the specifics of your house and the difficulty of fitting the stairlift rails.

Should I Buy A Warranty or Maintenance Contract with My Stairlift?

It is generally a good idea to buy into the warranty or maintenance contracts offered by your stairlift dealer. Breakdowns can be expensive, but they also represent obstructions to your independent living.

Warranties provide invaluable peace of mind, as well as cover the significant running costs, including servicing and replacement parts. Replacement parts for a custom-built or curved stairlift can be very expensive.

Is Buying or Renting Better?

There is no simple answer to this question- there are advantages and disadvantages of both options.

The main factor when choosing whether to hire a stairlift is the length of time you’ll need a stairlift for. If you will only need a stairlift for less than a year- for example, if you’re recovering from an operation – renting might be the perfect option.

This is because if you rent a stairlift, companies remove it at the end of the rental period, and you won’t end up saddled with a valuable piece of mobility equipment that you no longer need. So, over shorter periods, renting a stairlift can work out cheaper.

But if you expect to require a stairlift for a long time – as long as you remain in your current home, for example- it would make more sense to buy it. Rental stairlift prices naturally include a profit for the company, and you can forgo this expense by owning the stairlift outright.

Stairlift Installation Near Me

If you are looking for a professional and reputable company with vast experience in Stannah stairlift installation near me, look no further. Contact Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts today at (888) 542-3834 or online to schedule a FREE, no-obligation home assessment so that we can provide you with a free accurate quote and help you choose the right stairlift that suits your needs and budget.

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Stairlift Installation Near Me

Stairlift Installation Near Me

Buying A Straight Stairlift

Buying A Straight Stairlift

Buying A Straight Stairlift: How To Choose The Best Stairlift For Your Home And Your Needs.

Stairlifts are a cost-effective way to make your home safer and more accessible. Whether you are planning for the future, aging in place, or recovering from an injury, a stairlift offers access and sustainable independence in your home at an affordable price. Buying a straight stairlift is an important decision that you should ensure you get right from the onset. You want to buy a stairlift that suits your budget and needs.

A stairlift is a simple piece of accessibility equipment, designed to help people with mobility limitations get up and down their stairs safely. Key components of a stairlift include a chair, a motor, and the fixed track it travels along. Stairlifts can be fitted to a variety of staircase types, including straight, curved, and outdoor stairs.

Stairlifts also include a number of convenience and safety features that make it easier (and safer) to use your stairlift. While the basic design remains relatively consistent, these features and the quality of the service provided represent the biggest differences between the various stairlift brands.

Tips for Choosing the Right Stairlift

Choosing the right stairlift is all about finding the best value for your situation and needs. Often, the cheapest option isn’t the best solution; neither is the most expensive model. Here are a few important factors that can help you find the right balance for your needs and budget, and choose the right stairlift.

  1. Consider How Your Mobility Might Change

People often think about the stairlift process in terms of their current mobility level. Unfortunately, that can change over time. Ensure you choose a stairlift that can adapt to your needs as they change over time because if it is a struggle to use now, it is likely to get harder down the road.

  1. Think About How Long You Want to Live in Your Home

Renting can be a great temporary solution, especially if you are expecting to make a full recovery or move in a few months. But, if you plan on living in your home for longer than 18 months, you are likely better off purchasing a stairlift outright.

  1. Determine the Value of The Full Package

Many online dealers offer enticing prices, with little follow-through on the back end. There is a big difference between a stairlift in a box delivered to your doorstep and a safe, professional installation backed by a multi-year warranty.

It is important to consider the long-term value when buying a straight stairlift. Upfront costs are important, but you should always be asking, “What am I getting in the long run?”

Whatever factors matter most to you, the answer should include both independence and peace of mind.

Stairlift Options

Choosing The Right Stairlift Options For Your Home
What Sorts of Stairlift Options Do You Need?

It all depends on you. While Stannah offers a range of stairlift models for all types of stairs, such as straight stairs, stairs with landings or with a turn, and even outdoor staircases, most of our stairlifts have the additional benefit of added optional features.

During your free home visit, our friendly technician will walk you through your options and present the stairlift features he or she thinks are right for you. Here are some of the choices we offer.

Safety Features

Powered Swivel Seat Option

All Stannah stairlifts seat swivel at the top or bottom of the stairs so that the rider can get off safely. But, if manually swiveling the chair is difficult due to limited mobility, we have a powered swivel option to make turning easier.

This mechanism allows the stairlift user to swivel the chair to face away from the stairs, by simply continuing to hold the hand control or using the remote. The chair can also be swiveled back into the riding position using the remote, to allow others to use the stairs.

Retractable Rail Option

For straight stairs, you can go for a stairlift with a retractable rail that raises and lowers automatically as the chair rides up and down the stairs. This is a great option if the rail could pose a potential tripping hazard at the bottom of the stairs or if there is a door in the way.

With the retractable rail option, your Stannah stairlift will be there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

Seat Belt Options

The standard retractable seat belt on the Siena and Starla models is designed for ease of use and can be upgraded to an ‘Immobilizer seat belt’ so that the stairlift will not operate from the armrest control until the seat belt is engaged (standard equipment on the Sadler stairlift).

Stannah’s lap-diagonal and five-point seat belts provide extra restraint over the shoulders and, if needed, between the legs. We also have a center-clasp seatbelt option. Consider all these options when buying a straight stairlift and choose the one that suits you.

Choice of Hand Control

The standard hand control was designed to be ergonomic and easy to use for people with limited dexterity. However, some users prefer the vertical “rudder” style instead. Both are well-suited for arthritic fingers. It is all a matter of comfort, choose the version that is most comfortable for you!

Upholstery Choices

Stannah’s indoor stairlift models come with upholstery choices and a range of colors to match your home’s décor. The Starla model even gives you the option of getting woven upholstery and light or dark wood trim.

We understand that it is important for your stairlift to not only be functional but also fit into your life. That is why we design our stairlifts to look good, in addition to being safe and reliable.

Seat Width Options

The Stannah Siena stairlift comes with comfortable wide armrests as standard. An optional narrow chair allows the chair to be installed on stairs only 27” wide. This is a great option for narrow stairs or shorter users.

Buying A Straight Stairlift

Interested in learning more about the full range of stairlift options that Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts offer? Give us a call today.

Our friendly sales representatives are here to answer your questions, so you can make the best choice when buying a straight stairlift. The consultation and home assessment are free and there is no obligation to buy. So, call us today at (888) 542-3834 to get started.

You can also contact us online to schedule a FREE, no-obligation home assessment.


Buying A Straight Stairlift

Buying A Straight Stairlift

Buying A Straight Stairlift


How Long can Stannah Stairlift Battery Last?

Depending on usage, your battery should last between 3 to 5 years. Call now for a free no-obligation in-home evaluation with a guaranteed price in writing 888 532-3834 (Click To Call).

Is a Stairlift Right for You?

Before you start shopping around for a stairlift, you will want to be sure that this is indeed a good option for you. Aside from meeting your mobility needs, you need to be aware of the costs involved. Call now for a free no-obligation in-home evaluation with a guaranteed price in writing 888 532-3834 (Click To Call). We are trusted, reputable, experienced, and professional Stannah stairlifts dealer in Mountain West.

Stairlift Installation Companies Mountain West

Stairlift Installation Companies Mountain West

An AARP study found that nearly 90% of seniors want to stay in their homes as they get older, rather than move to an assisted living facility or nursing home. This is known as aging in place. Of course, it is not as simple as it sounds. With physical health inevitably declining as we age, the barriers to independent living increase. Thankfully, there are solutions that can help you or your loved one stay at home and remain independent for longer. Stairs are one of the most treacherous and difficult-to-navigate areas of the home, so a stairlift can be an excellent addition for people with limited mobility. There are many stairlift installation companies Mountain West that sell and install stairlifts. So, if you have decided to install a stairlift in your home, ensure you hire the right company to do the installation.

Is a Stairlift Right for You?

Before you start shopping around for a stairlift, you will want to be sure that this is indeed a good option for you. Aside from meeting your mobility needs, you need to be aware of the costs involved and the impact the stairlift will have on your living space. Here are some of the key questions you should consider:

  • What are my current and future mobility needs?
  • How is a stairlift installed?
  • Is my house suitable for a stairlift?
  • What types of stairlifts are available?
  • What are the costs involved in buying a stairlift?
  • Is there payment assistance available for stairlift purchases?
  • Are stairlifts covered by Medicare?
  • What’s involved in a stairlift purchase?

What Are My Current and Future Mobility Needs?

Unfortunately, an alarming one in four US adults, aged 65 and over, suffers a fall each year. What’s more, falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries in older Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If your physical health is declining, this will likely put you at a higher risk of falls, even around the home. Falling downstairs, in particular, can pose a big risk to anyone with mobility issues.

Aside from the risk of a fall, there may also be the issue that you simply can’t navigate the stairs. Some people can walk on flat surfaces with little assistance while using stairs poses a big problem.

Similarly, some mobility solutions, such as walkers and canes are ideal for use on flat surfaces but are less suitable for use on stairs. If you have decided to age in place, then you will also need to consider your future mobility needs.

While nobody has a crystal ball, doctors can often tell you how mobility issues will progress over time. As such, you should try to prepare for what the future may hold.

Depending on your individual situation, you may need to make one or more modifications to your house to help you stay in your home and maintain your independence.

There are many stairlift installation companies Mountain West that provide a wide range of home mobility solutions, a stairlift being one part of them to give you the peace of mind to continue to enjoy independent living in your home.

What Are the Costs Involved in Buying a Stairlift?

Of course, the cost is always going to be front of mind for a significant purchase like a stairlift. Prices will vary depending on your chosen brand and your individual needs, but below is a rough guide of what you might expect to pay.

  • Basic models of straight stairlifts, including installation, typically cost between $2,500 and $5,000. The length of the rail and additional features will be the main factors in the price differentials.
  • Curved stairlifts will likely cost between $8,000 and $13,000. In this case, aside from the length of the rail and additional features, the number of curves and the level of customization will also be factors that affect the price.

You might be wondering why curved lifts are much more expensive than straight ones. Well, there are several reasons for this. For one, they work differently, including requiring two motors instead of one.

The second one is used to adjust the level of the stairlift chair. This also requires sensors to detect when the slope changes. Plus, these lifts must be customized, with gear racks and rail sections being made to exactly fit the curves and slopes of each staircase.

Our in-home assessments are typically free, and financing options for the purchase price are often available. Quoted prices will usually include installation and a warranty, although the exact terms will vary according to each dealer.

You may be able to waive the sales tax if you have a prescription from a medical professional stating that the stairlift is a necessity.

Choosing a Stairlift Installation Company: 6 Things to Look For

If you or a loved one has trouble walking up and down stairs in your home, installing a stairlift makes a world of difference. A stairlift offers independence, ease of movement, and peace of mind for the user. The consultation and installation process starts by partnering with the right stairlift company, which can be challenging to find.

So, here are six important things you should consider when choosing a stairlift installation company to hire.

6 Things to Look for in a Stairlift Installation Company

1. History in the Industry 

Look for companies that have been in the business for an extended period. Longevity signifies that the brand is doing something right to remain in business all these years.

Additionally, experienced stairlift installation companies Mountain West have served more clients and experienced unique situations throughout their time in the industry. This experience means they are equipped to serve you and your specific needs.

2. Wide Array of Service Offerings 

You deserve support from your stairlift dealer. Before deciding on a stairlift installation company, browse their services page. Do they offer in-home consultations and virtual consultations? Are they willing to perform repairs? Do they provide maintenance services for customers?

If the answer is yes, this company is displaying care and dedication to its customers. If the answer is no, the company may not provide well-rounded and high-quality service after purchasing their product.

3. Physical Location and Showroom 

A stairlift is a fixture in your home and a device you or a loved one will regularly use. To make the right decision, consider trying out a stairlift in person before purchasing it. Check to see if the stairlift company you are considering has a showroom in your area.

Well-established and reputable companies can directly answer your questions and concerns, so you can gain information beyond what the company website states.

4. Qualified Team 

One way to get a sense of a stairlift company is to look at the people who are managing and working for it. Visit the company website to find information about the sales, maintenance, and management teams. Are these experienced professionals in the field? How long have the members been a part of the business?

Finding out background information can help gauge the trustworthiness of the company. In addition, having initial phone consultations with a representative can help you form a better idea of how these professionals will work with you.

5. Access to Top Brands

Because there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, there are a wide array of stairlift brands that provide accessibility and mobility solutions. An experienced stairlift company understands this.

Ensure the dealer you are considering offers a top-quality and reliable brand(s). Additionally, find out if they install multiple types of stairlifts, including curved and outdoor options. This puts you in control, as you are not limited by a small selection or lack of practical options.

6. Great Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

Awards, accreditations, and customer reviews all support a stairlift company’s reputation and dependability through outside sources. Membership with the Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEMA), for example, shows that a stairlift company stays updated any time codes and regulations change.

While many stairlift installation companies Mountain West may also have customer reviews directly on their website, it is always best to reference outside review platforms like Google and the BBB to back up these claims. A stairlift company with poor or no reviews could be a red flag.

Stairlift Installation Companies Mountain West

Are you looking for a professional, reputable, and dependable stairlift company with vast experience? Contact Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts for a FREE, no-obligation quote. Call us now at (888) 542-3834 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your home assessment.

Stairlift Installation Companies Mountain West

Stairlift Installation Companies Mountain West

Benefits of Stairlift For The Disabled

Safety- Recent statistics have indicated that many seniors who sustain injuries or experience a fall often do so while in the comfort of their homes, the majority of whom are already using wheelchairs to move around. Such incidents can cause you to let your guard down since it happens right in your home, which you regard as a haven. Call now for a free no-obligation in-home evaluation with a guaranteed price in writing 888 532-3834 (Click To Call).

Can a Person in a Wheelchair Use a Stairlift?

One of the changes you should consider is installing a stairlift for wheelchairs in your home. This way, you can move from one floor level to another with ease. What’s more, a stairlift means that you don’t have to depend on friends or relatives to move around your home. Call now for a free no-obligation in-home evaluation with a guaranteed price in writing 888 532-3834 (Click To Call) today at Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts to get answers to your questions.

Types of Stairlift Rails

The Retractable Rail Option, also known as hinged rail, is the perfect choice for obstructed landings at the bottom of a straight staircase. With a push of a button, the rail folds up and down, clearing space at the bottom of the stairs to provide a safe landing for your stairlift on the ground floor. Call now for a free no-obligation in-home evaluation with a guaranteed price in writing 888 532-3834 (Click To Call).