Reconditioned Stairlift Mountain West

Reconditioned Stairlift Mountain West

You have decided that you want to purchase a stairlift. You have researched different brands, models, and features. But there is a problem though; your budget can’t cover the price because it’s a bit high. A straight Stannah stairlift would be the perfect fit for your home, but you feel like it could be out of your price range. A reconditioned stairlift Mountain West comes with the same built-in quality as a new stairlift and could be the right option for you, no matter the type of stairs. Whether you’ve curved or straight staircase, a reconditioned Stannah stairlift from Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts could give you the freedom of movement and independence you thought you had lost.

What Is A Reconditioned Stairlift?

A reconditioned stairlift is a second-hand stairlift that has been thoroughly tested and renewed to provide top-quality service as an alternative to buying a new stairlift. Currently, we supply and install both straight and curved reconditioned Stannah stairlifts. Please contact us today at (888) 542-3834 to find out the types and models of reconditioned stairlifts that are currently available in our store.

Why Choose A Reconditioned Stairlift?

The main benefit of buying a reconditioned stairlift Mountain West is that it costs less than a brand new one, while still providing the same great benefits. A Stannah reconditioned stairlift will give you back the freedom and independence to move around your home efficiently and safely, at a much-reduced cost. At Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, we have thoroughly tested our reconditioned stairlifts to ensure they are as safe and reliable as new stairlifts, and they can be purchase with a comprehensive warranty package. Further, we will still offer excellent support similar to the one for all our new models. Our reconditioned stairlifts generally come with a six-month warranty. However, this depends on how new the stairlift is. We provide a twelve-month warranty for very new reconditioned stairlifts.

Buying a Reconditioned Stairlift

If you want the benefits of purchasing a quality reconditioned stairlift at a lower price, but the security of buying from a reputable company, you might want to consider buying your stairlift from Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts. Our reconditioned stairlifts are pre-owned, but we have checked, tested, and refurbished them so that they’re 100% reliable and safe. We will not sell a reconditioned stairlift Mountain West until it meets our rigorous standards of quality and safety. Our professional and friendly technicians will install it in your home for you. That way, we can guarantee you that nothing will go wrong at any point in the process. We give you the full package. It is essential to ensure that you get the right reconditioned stairlift from the start so that you can relax, knowing that you have the best possible solution that’ll stand the test of time.

We assure you that:

  • It’ll come with full product documentation
  • Your stairlift will have new batteries
  • Parts have been changed/upgraded to meet new specifications (where necessary)
  • The full history of the stairlift can be checked as it has a unique serial number
  • Your reconditioned stairlift will have gone through a 42-point check to ensure it is working perfectly
Our reconditioned stairlifts come with the added benefit of a 6-month or 12-month warranty. That means if on the off-chance, something goes wrong, we’ll be there to fix it for you. That includes a call-out service. Therefore, you get priceless peace of mind.

Reconditioned Stairlift Mountain West

Feel free to call Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts today at (888) 542-3834 to book your home visit. One of our technicians will visit your home, assess your needs, and give you free, personalized advice. You can also contact us online to request a free quote.
Reconditioned Stairlift Mountain West

Reconditioned Stairlift Mountain West

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