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Residential Stairlifts Mountain West

Residential Stairlifts Mountain West

According to an AARP study, about 90% of the elderly with mobility issues due to aging prefer to stay in their homes and find a solution to regain their freedom and independence, instead of moving to a nursing home or an assisted-living facility. Seniors prefer aging in place because they get to enjoy a sense of independence and comfort that only their homes can provide. This may sound simple but of course, it isn’t something easy to achieve. As we age, our physical health inevitably continues to decline and we face more barriers to independent living. Thankfully, Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts can provide you with a great solution so that you or your loved one can stay at home and enjoy independence for longer. And the solution we are talking about is residential stairlifts Mountain West.

People with limited mobility may be confined to one floor of their homes because they can’t use the stairs to access the other floor without support from someone. For them, the stairs are a treacherous and difficult-to-navigate part of their home, and therefore, they avoid it.

Purchasing and installing a Residential Stairlifts Mountain West can be an excellent idea and solution that can improve their daily life as they will be able to access any floor whenever they want.

Residential Stairlift Installation

There will be no extensive building work during your stairlift installation. You will get your whole house back in just a day after finishing the installation. No mess. No fuss. So, if stairlift installation does not involve extensive building work, then how is it done?

When installing a stairlift, our technicians attach it to your stairs, no the wall. That is why they do not need to do any extensive building work. That means we will not damage your walls and the installation will cause little disruption to your daily life since we will do it in the shortest time possible.

In fact, it won’t be necessary to seek planning permission and you’ll not need to go through the hassle of taking up your carpet as you prepare for stairlift installation.

What To Expect During Your Stairlift Installation

It will only take a couple of hours to finish the installation itself. The installation process will be conducted efficiently and effectively to avoid causing too much disruption to your daily life or your home.

You are free to watch our friendly technicians as they carry out the installation of your stairlift if you will be at home at that time. But you might not want to be too near if you are sensitive to dust because there’s some light drilling involved in the process of installing residential stairlifts Mountain West.

After we finish the job, we will remove any mess as we clean up the place to make it look tidy and uncluttered. Before even you know it, our technicians will be done with the installation. It will be over very quickly, and you will regain your independence and freedom to move around and enjoy your home.

On average, your stairlift installation will take about 4 hours. When we promise you high-quality, efficient, and professional stairlift installation, we want to ensure we deliver more than a turnkey project.

We will go a set further to show you how to use your stairlift and we won’t leave your home until you are 100% confident that you can operate it safely and comfortably. We don’t do things by halves! Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

What Happens After The Installation?

When our technicians finish installing your stairlift, they’ll clean up any mess on your stairs to ensure they leave your house tidy just the way they found it. They will hand over the stairlift to you and from then, you will start enjoying your independence. This is an added benefit to you and your family.

Furthermore, after finishing your stairlift installation, our technicians will take you through a demonstration on how to use your stairlift safely and comfortably. They will do whatever it takes to help you understand how to operate your stairlift properly and even how to diagnose a problem that you may experience.

At the end of the day, what will impress you the most is how well the stairlift fits into your stairs and make a great addition to your home. The good thing about our Stannah residential stairlifts Mountain West is that you can neatly fold it away to provide space for other people using the stairs.

Customer Support Network

What Kind Of Support Can I Expect After The Installation?

When you choose to purchase a Stannah stairlift from us, then we will offer you great customer support to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Don’t hesitate to call us whenever you experience any problem and need help. Our team is ready and waiting for you to ask for any repairs or maintenance for your stairlift.

Our technicians always try their best to exhaustively answer all your questions and address any concerns during your home assessment and stairlift installation. However, they are still ready and more than happy to answer any more questions you may have after they leave your home.

You can contact our customer support representative any time to ask any question – whether small or big – about your stairlift and rest assured they will gladly answer it to your satisfaction.

Our technicians are highly experienced, well-trained, and well versed in our products and their operations, and therefore, they will likely address your issue(s) over the phone. If necessary, they will visit your home to fix the problem as soon as possible. We have a technician always on standby to handle customer issues so that every customer feels safe and comfortable using the stairlift in their home.

Tips For Preparing For Stairlift Installation

Remove objects, including photos, plant pots, and ornaments from your stairs

Look for any obstructions and remove them from your stairs before technicians come to install your stairlift. During your home assessment, our sales representative will discuss with you how to handle things such as heating pipes and window sills so that they do not cause obstruction. However, removing photos or plant pots in the way of your stairlift will make installation work easier for our technicians.

Take photos of your stairs before stairlift installation

If you are concerned that the installation work will cause damage to your house, then you can take pictures of your stairs before the technicians start to install your stairlift. This could give you peace of mind knowing that you can compare the condition of your house before and after installation, and take the necessary steps if you notice any damage.

But, we assure you that our technicians will be very careful to ensure they do the installation without causing any damage to your property. Furthermore, they will clean up after themselves. Once the installation is over, your new stairlift will make a positive difference in your home, and you will be impressed.

Ensure there is a plug near the stairs

One key requirement that our technicians will highlight during your home assessment is the availability of a plug near your staircase where the stairlift will be plugged into the source of power.

Residential stairlifts Mountain West run on batteries, but they must be plugged into the main power supply for constant charging. Your stairlift will still operate even when there’s a power outage. You are guaranteed that you won’t get stuck in the middle while moving from one floor to another.

Residential Stairlifts Mountain West

We want to install your stairlift as efficiently as possible so that you stop leaving with stress and fears of navigating the stairs alone. Nothing should stop you from moving around your home. Once you purchase a stairlift from Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, we will work with you to agree on the most convenient time for installation.

A stairlift can give you back your independence. What are you waiting for? Call us today at (888) 542-3834 or contact us online to schedule a free home assessment and get a free quote.

Residential Stairlifts Mountain West

Residential Stairlifts Mountain West


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