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Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts provides high-quality Outdoor Stairlift Installation Utah. Call us today at (888) 542-3834 and our highly trained, experienced, reputable, and friendly technicians will handle your outdoor stairlift installation Utah.

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You will get in and out of your home easily, safely, and independently using a Stannah outdoor stairlift. Call us today at (888) 542-3834 for our high-quality Outdoor Stairlift Installation Utah.

Outdoor Stairlifts makes life easier

The summer weather is great for everyone to get out and enjoy the outdoors. However, some people have mobility issues and cannot use the stairs without support. Call us today at (888) 542-3834 for high-quality Outdoor Stairlift Installation Utah.

Starla 600 Stairlift Stannah

Starla 600 Stairlift: Suppliers And Installers

We are the finest supplier and installer of the Starla 600 Stairlift. Indeed, we are one of the approved firms to sell & install stairlifts. We deal with both curved and straight stairs & staircases.

Before they leave our service center, all the Starla 600 Stairlifts that we supply have gone through a wide 47-point check. That way, we make sure that all the stairlifts that we supply and install are of high-quality. Because of that, we always ensure that our clients are 100% happy, and entirely satisfied with sales and installations. In fact, we rated in the top because of complete client satisfaction, and great customer service.

In addition to quality product and service, we offer peace of mind warranties. For sure, all stairlifts that we supply or install are original Stannah stairlifts. Besides, all our products and services are backed by our complete peace of mind warranty that offers a full 24-month cover & access to quality service and expert engineers support.

A Trusted Company

We are the best suppliers and the leading professionals in the installations of both curved and straight stairlifts. Indeed, the Starla 600 Straight Stairlift is the newest addition to the family of Stannah stairlift. The expertly designed seat always make this stairlift the most ergonomic chair. It is designed in a way that it ensures security & comfort of the user.

Also, it comes with more custom options compared to other stairlifts. It can be modified to fit the interior of a home; whether it classic or contemporary.

Others Features Are:

• Seat Load Sensors

The seat has a sensor that will detect when one is sitting down. This stairlift will not function until the user is safely and comfortably seated.

• Simple-To-Use Seatbelts

In order to provide the user with more safety, and also to accommodable individuals that have less dexterity, the stairlift has an expertly designed seatbelt with can be fastened easily using one hand.

• Safety Edges

In case the stairlift is obstructed by something, the sensors that are on the edges of the carriage & footrest will bring it to a safe stop automatically.

Easily ride it using ergonomic, intuitive, simple controls that were designed for individuals who have less dexterity.

Give Stannah a call today. We are genuine suppliers of high-quality Starla 600 Stairlifts. In addition, we provide all our customers with the finest stairlift installation services. We are affordable and reliable. Choose us today.

Starla 600 Stairlift


Sadler Stairlift Stannah Stairlifts

Benefits Offered By A Sadler Stairlift

The Sadler Stairlift has been especially designed for people with limited flexibility as it is an innovative concept that is an excellent alternative to the perch style and traditional stairlifts. The Sadler Stairlift offers a large number of benefits to the users by helping to maintain an upright posture while taking maximum of weight through its seat so that it eventually minimize the weight exerted on the legs. Hence it can also be referred as the perfect option for people with limited flexibility in their hips and knees. The slim design of these stairlifts is most appropriate for narrow stairs as it is also designed for stairs that turns as it allows the user to sit in upright position so that no stress is exerted on the knees.

Sadler Stairlift is manufactured keeping in mind the needs of shorter as well as taller people as it is available in different heights so that it can accommodate the needs of different people. People facing difficulty in bending their knees or sitting down can always use these stairlifts as it is the best solution for people facing mobility issues. The saddle style seat of these stairlifts helps in raising and lowering the users so that they can transfer in and out of chair with comfort and ease. The seat height is also adjustable with different seat options that can be selected according to the needs of the users so that it is installed to fit user’s requirements.

The immobilizer seatbelt offered with Sadler Stairlift has been especially designed from preventing the lift from any movement until users are buckled securely on the stairlift. The intuitive control is very beneficial for the users as it allows them to operate the stairlift without any difficulty. It is also very safe for children as it comes with removable key which prevents any instances of any accident or injury. The best part of using this stairlift is that it is battery operated which means that it can also be operated during a power outage and it does not cause any inconvenience for the users. It is an easy and safe to use stairlift that comes with slimline curved rail that provides ample room for people with mobility issues. For additional safety, it is also available with downside armrest protection and it also makes controlling the stairlift easy and simple without any kind of problem as these are the reasons for the popularity of Sadler Stairlift.

Sadler Stairlift



Our Stairlifts

Our stairlifts are custom built to your specifications.

Battery Operated

Stannah stairlifts are battery powered, the stairlift continues to work even if your home loses power.

Outdoor Stairlifts

The Safety Benefits Of Outdoor Stairlifts

As unfortunate as it may seem whether it is as a result of the natural frailness associated with old age or as a result of ill health those with mobility issues are at risk of being involved in an accident.

Mobility issues as varying as they are commonly affect balance and control which means that a risk of a fall is often great. For family members of those suffering such issues and facing such risks we often do everything in our power to ensure the greatest quality of care and the appropriate equipment is in place to minimize any threats and aid the independence of the victim.

Our homes pose a great deal of danger, however, so too do the outdoors and as surprising as it may be many of us fail to implement the appropriate actions to secure the dangers that the outside world can pose.

Stairs are the most common danger outside the home and can pose an immense risk for those with mobility issues which are why medical experts will often reiterate the importance of a stair lift. A stairlift, designed to assist safe maneuvering from one floor to the next is most often associated with the indoors but did you know that an outdoor stairlifts can be a great aid?

Designed with the same purpose in mind and often in the same style of its indoor compatriot outdoor stairlifts can ease access from the indoors to outdoors. Commonly used by big companies it is high time that, for those with serious mobility issues, an outdoor stairlift can be a fantastic tool and a fundamental part of the home.

As a result of weather conditions and the instability of outdoor paving walking down the stairs or a slope of a highly risen home can be a great challenge.

Designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions a lift can be placed onto the front or back of a house and fitted with a swivel chair to ensure that getting on and off is as easy as possible and your stairs are no longer feared. Whatever the weather conditions the purpose and longstanding aim of an outdoor stairlifts is to ensure, anyone facing mobility issues will never feel trapped in their own home or be facing any imminent danger from their outdoor stairs.

Weather you or a family member are suffering from any mobility issues it is time to take the outdoor stairlift on board to ensure that the safety and security that is provided in your own homes can also be prominent as you step outside.

Our safety should always remain a priority and now, thanks to the growing number of stairlift manufacturers it can remain so with relative ease.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Our Stairlifts

Folded, our stairlifts leaves room for people to walk up and down the stairs.

Choosing A Stannah Stairlift

If you are thinking about getting a stairlift – for yourself, a friend, a relative or a client – we are here to make sure that you make the right choice. Call us today