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Stairlift For Elderly Mountain West

Stairlift For Elderly Mountain West

For the elderly, it can be difficult to navigate the stairs due to limited mobility, weakened muscles, and lack of stability. As a result, the staircase in their home becomes a daily hassle and therefore, they avoid it. When the stairs become a challenge, many seniors may consider downsizing to a single-level home or moving into a retirement living facility. However, both options can be very costly. Fortunately, installing a stairlift for elderly Mountain West is a quick and cost-effective solution that provides many benefits, including safety and freedom and independence.

Which Curved Stairlift Is Best for Me?

A curved rail stairlift requires a track that is curved to fit the shape of your staircase. There are several different types of curved rails. When buying a curved stairlift, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of each type of track.

There are three types of track styles/designs for a curved rail stairlift.

  • Hollow Tube Rail
  • Modular Flat Rail
  • Custom Flat rail
  1. Hollow Tube Rail

Depending on the manufacturer, a hollow tube design will feature either one or two tube rails that are curved using a pipe bender to fit the contour of your staircase. One advantage of the tube rail design is that it can be less expensive than lifts with a custom flat rail track. This is due to several characteristics of the hollow tube track.

For one, a hollow rail track tends to be less rigid and has more flex than a custom steel flat rail. Therefore, this type of rail has a smaller weight capacity (typically < 275 lbs.), than a custom flat rail track.

Secondly, the gear rack on hollow tube designs is typically exposed which can cause some concern. Exposed gears mean a higher chance of getting a limb or piece of clothing caught in the gear rack. This can be especially worrisome if young children live in or visit the home.

Some manufacturers, including Stannah, use tubed rail designs. Due to its custom bend, a tube design curved rail will likely take 2-4 weeks to be fabricated by the manufacturer.

Hollow tube rails also offer a smoother and faster ride than modular flat rails but have a slower and less consistent than a custom flat rail.


  • Less expensive than custom flat rail
  • Smoother, faster ride than modular flat rail


  • Lower weight capacity than custom flat rail
  • Exposed gear rack
  1. Modular Flat Rail

Beware of curved stairlifts with modular flat rail track designs! This type of flat rail is not custom-made by the manufacturer and instead uses many smaller modular pieces of track that are assembled on-site to try and fit the curves of your staircase. This means it is not a precise fit and the chair must travel over many more joints than a custom curved flat rail which results in a bumpy and uneven ride.

This type of track is typically made of aluminum and has a lower weight capacity (266 lbs.) than a custom flat rail. Since the track is not custom and must travel over many modular joints, the chair must utilize a mechanism that regulates speed and pitch over these joints resulting in varying speeds and a slower ride than with tube and custom flat rail chairlifts.

The only advantage of a modular flat rail is a lower cost and quicker installation since the rail is not custom-made for your stairs. But, as they say, “You get what you pay for”, and that is certainly the case with this type of curved stairlift for elderly Mountain West.


  • Less expensive than custom flat or tubed rail
  • Quicker installation


  • Slow, inconsistent, choppy ride
  • Lower weight capacity than custom flat rail
  1. Custom Flat Rail

The custom flat rail design is custom curved by the manufacturer/authorized dealer in the workshop to have a precise fit for your staircase. This is done using measurements taken by a special photosystem during the evaluation process. Flat rail is typically stronger and more durable than tubed rail and the gear rack is hidden by a flange on the track. This means it is safer than the exposed gears of a tubed rail.

A custom flat rail also has a higher weight capacity of 400 lbs., but like a tube rail design, a custom flat rail will take 2-4 weeks to be fabricated by the manufacturer or an authorized dealer. While Stannah’s unique flat rail design may cost more than other tubed rail and modular rail models on the market, it allows for a smoother and more precise ride with the fastest and most consistent speed (25 feet per minute).


  • Faster than tubed and modular rail lifts
  • Custom curved for the smoothest ride
  • Gear rack is not exposed
  • Highest weight capacity at 400 lbs.
  • Sits closer to the wall, taking up less stairway space


  • Typically more expensive
  • Longer installation lead time

Stairlifts For Seniors: Everything You Need To Know

While a stairlift for elderly Mountain West is a great choice for any home where added convenience and safety are desired, they are essential in helping the elderly remain safe and independent in their own homes. Check out our most frequently asked questions about stairlifts for the elderly.

Stairlift FAQs

  • Should I buy new, buy used, or rent a stairlift?

Ultimately, this decision comes down to a few factors, including your budget, staircase design, desired options, physical condition, and whether the stairlift is for long-term or short-term use.

  • Will Medicare or my health insurance pay for the stairlift?

While each situation is different, stairlifts and other home modifications are not typically a covered expense. However, there are many alternatives such as local/state funding sources.

  • Will I need multiple stairlifts installed?

It depends. If the home has only a single staircase, only one stairlift is needed. In homes with multiple landings, it may be less expensive to install 2 or more straight stairlifts than a custom curved one. You may also want to consider installing additional stairlifts for an elderly loved one with multi-level outdoor spaces.

  • Are stairlifts easy to operate?

Yes, once you learn the controls, stairlifts are easy to operate. Although there are many models on the market, each with optional features, stairlifts are universally designed for smooth, safe, and simple operation by people of all ages. And when your stairlift is installed by Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, we take the time to train all members of your household on its use and maintenance. Want to test one out before buying? Just make an appointment at our showroom!

  • Will a Stairlift Fit on my Staircase?

Yes, stairlifts fit most staircases

A staircase needs to be a minimum of 32″ wide to fit a stairlift for elderly Mountain West. The track is mounted on the stair treads, not on the wall, and will extend out from the wall between 6 to 9 inches.

The stairlift’s seat, arms, and footrest will fold up when the lift is not in use. Folded up, stairlifts will extend from 11 to 16 inches from the wall.

The track on a straight or curved model does extend beyond the bottom of the staircase which, in some cases, can be a problem. A manual or electric folding rail will allow the track to fold up and out of the way when the lift is not in use.

  • Do I need to research stairlift reviews online?

Yes, we highly recommend reading reviews from those that have a stairlift in their home. Another suggestion way to is to ask friends and/or family members that have had a stairlift installed about their experience with the company that installed their lift. Both are great ways to better understand if the product is the right solution for you and helps you determine which is the right brand and dealer to select.

Final Thoughts

When buying a stairlift, it may be tempting to go for the least expensive option with a quicker installation turnaround. However, spending the extra money and waiting to have a custom curved rail fabricated is well worth it and is money well spent. It allows for a safer, smoother, and more precise ride with a consistent speed and makes for a more enjoyable experience all around.

If you want to install a stairlift for elderly Mountain West in your home and looking for an experienced, reputable, and professional dealer, look no further! Contact Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts to make an inquiry and/or schedule a home visit for your staircase evaluation.

Stairlift For Elderly Mountain West

Call us now at (888) 542-3834 or contact us here to request a FREE, no-obligation home survey and consultation so that we can provide you with an accurate quote for purchasing and installing your stairlift.

Stairlift For Elderly Mountain West

Stairlift For Elderly Mountain West


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